Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Major groups and stakeholders messages to the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum at its eleventh special session

United Nations Environment Programme (2009)

With respect to International Environmental Governance • It is necessary that the diverse levels of environmental governance management be differentiated, because each one of them has specific characteristics and, therefore, require specific efforts. In that sense, the following is recommended: o At the Global level, it is important that dialogue and program agreements be promoted between UNEP’s Governing Council and governance instances in international trade matters, such as WTO, and financial institutions like the World Bank. o At the Regional level, it is essential that the environmental governance topic be taken to the regional integration processes (MERCOSUR, CARICOM, CCAD, among others) as well as to the financial institutions of the region, such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Caribbean Development Bank and the Organization of American States (OAS). o At the National level, it is essential that the diverse national agencies or ministries articulate, complement and harmonize their work managing environmental topics; in such a manner that the implementation of national policies on sustainability is truly efficient and effective.