The Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction: Case Study and Exercise Source Book

United Nations Environment Programme ; Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction ; Center for Natural Resources and Development (2014-05)

This ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and climate change adaption (Eco-DRR/CCA) case study booklet is designed as a guided learning resource and supports a problem-based learning approach. The booklet enables masters students of the Eco-DRR course to work independently on the provided case studies and exercises, but it can also be used as a freestanding publication. The case studies are self-explanatory and no further documents are needed. However, where necessary, the lecturer can support the students with introductory explanations and also prepare for a final in-class discussion of each case study. The case study exercises are recommended to make the students apply the knowledge gained throughout lectures and to get to know ecosystem-based adaptation in different geographical regions and ecozones. We also recommend including the case studies and respective exercises throughout teaching the Eco-DRR module, preferably after having taught the first block or more to equip the students with some applied knowledge on the topic.

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