Support structures and processes for keeping the world environment situation under review, including a progress report on UNEP Live: Report by the Executive Director

United Nations Environment Programme (2014-06)

The Rio+20 outcome statement, The Future We Want, provides strategic direction on key actions needed to advance the integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development. UNEP’s progress on these actions is covered in this report. The report provides a summary of recent progress in relation to the development of UNEP’s knowledge management platform, UNEP Live. A proposal for a staged approach is presented for the production of the next Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6). The status of various assessment processes, platforms and networks are also presented, including the Global Sustainable Development Report, the World Oceans Assessment, IPBES, the Eye on Earth Network, and the Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA). More detailed information on these initiatives is presented in information documents