Evaluation of the UNEP Support to the Implementation of Integrated Terrestrial Ecosystems Management Activities

UN Environment Evaluation Office (1996)

The purpose of the present external evaluation is to assess the project's performance vis-à-vis the stated objectives, activities and planned outputs, and how these outputs contribute towards the attainment of the TEB Subprogramme objectives, as well as to determine the appropriateness of the project in relation to the mandate of UNEP (see also paragraphs 17 & 18 above). Based on the findings of the evaluation, the extent to which the project achievements are replicable shall be determined and recommendations will be made concerning what changes, if any, are needed to implement the project elsewhere. Realistic and attainable recommendations are to be made, based on the analysis of the problems and constraints encountered in project planning and operation vis-à-vis staffing and administrative arrangements, operational mechanisms and coordination within and outside UNEP.

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