Cost Benefit Analysis of NMT Infrastructure Projects

United Nations Environment Programme (2015)

This report and its supplement aim to advance the development of NMT-PAT for UNEP’s ‘Share the Road’ programme. This advancement is facilitated by testing its suitability for the African context by analysing four case study scenarios in Nairobi, Kenya. The report begins with a background to the current state of non-motorised transport in Kenya (Chapter 2). An overview of the availability of relevant data in Nairobi follows, as well as a discussion around the options for procuring or substituting necessary data that is absent (Chapter 3). The four case study scenarios are then critically analysed based on NMT’s major indicators of societal amelioration and compared by accounting for the scale of each project (Chapter 4). Finally, the applicability of NMT-PAT was further investigated through a Training workshop with local NMT experts and stakeholders in Nairobi (Chapter 5). The output of the project is a more advanced form of NMT-PAT that can analyse and compare multiple, simultaneous ex-ante evaluations of NMT infrastructure investmen


Evaluation report


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