Opportunities and possible Pathways for Advancement of Blue Economy at National and Regional Levels

United Nations Environment Programme ; United Nations Environment Programme Institutional authors (2015-06-18)

National: 1. Mozambique: Establishment of the Ministry of Sea, Inland Water and Fisheries that can start the blue economy discussions. 2. Mozambique: National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) is a platform that ensures that development action in natural resources is coordinated. 3. Mozambique: 5 year programme provides for integration of both blue and green economy in all the sectors. 4. Seychelles: Establishment of the Department of Blue Economy to coordinate all activities by all sectors on the ocean resources management. The other departments still maintain their core activities. The challenge is to direct all these programmes to drive national economy e.g. exploration of gas/oil by a specific dept but has to link to the Department of Blue Economy (coordination, synergising and operationalizing) 5. Seychelles: Opportunity to undertake research to identify resources available (natural products, etc.) and what resources can be exploited e.g. the various values of oceans as highlighted in the Ocean Health index. 6. Mauritius has initiated ocean economy.