Terminal evaluation of UNEP GEF project: A Global Initiative on Landscapes for People, Food and Nature

UN Environment Evaluation Office (2015)

This report is a terminal evaluation of a UNEP-GEF project implemented between 2012 and 2014.The overall objective of the project was to promote and support the broader adoption and more effective use of landscape-level sustainable land management (L-SLM) as an integrated approach to managing agricultural landscapes that addresses the full set of needs from the rural land base-including sustainable, climate-resilient production of food and fibre (from agriculture, forestry, and fisheries), watershed management, biodiversity conservation, bio-energy, terrestrial climate mitigation, and rural livelihoods. The evaluation sought to assess project performance (in terms of relevance, effectiveness and efficiency), and to determine outcomes and impacts (actual and potential) deriving/stemming from the project including their sustainability.

Terminal Project Evaluations