Community-based Monitoring to End Oil Contamination in the Peruvian Amazon - Perspectives Issue No. 26

Capasso, Camilla (2017-11-09)

The Wampis nation of Peru is intrinsically linked to their environment. They have built their culture and knowledge from interacting with nature. Therefore when frequent and irreparable oil spills were occurring, the local community of Wampis took action where the relevant authorities and oil companies failed to. International bodies have noted the importance of traditional knowledge and perspectives. Merging of traditional knowledge with cutting-edge technologies to eradicate oil contamination of the Amazon forest is the most sustainable way to control pollution. This combination provides communities with monitoring results that hold the authorities accountable and a means to seek remediation. Community-based programmes have made a positive impact by influencing the signing of the Acta de Dorissa agreement by the Peruvian government and Argentina-based oil company PlusPetrol.