Advancing Environmental Law Together: Regional Meeting of UN Environment Montevideo Focal Points in Asia Pacific

United Nations Environment Programme (2018)

The key purpose of the meeting is to provide a forum for Montevideo Focal Points from Asia Pacific to: (a) share and exchange information on latest developments, trends, and good practices in the development and enforcement of environmental law in their countries, as well as regionally and globally; (b) contribute to UN Environment’s preparation of the assessment of the Montevideo Programme IV, including through sharing information on the status of implementation of the Montevideo Programme IV in their countries; and (c) identifying priorities from the region and proposals for the work of UN Environment in environmental law for the coming years, including for the next Montevideo Programme period commencing 2020. Priorities already identified by focal points and relevant UN Environment Assembly resolutions include: air pollution, public health, and marine litter. These and others will be discussed in the meeting.

Agenda and Planning Documents

Background Documents