Review of Arrangements Adopted Pursuant to the Synergies Decision on Cooperation and Coordination Among the BSR Conventions

UN Environment Evaluation Office (2013)

The review was undertaken between March and August 2012 with the objectives of examining: (a) The extent to which processes for enhancing cooperation and coordination have taken into account global concerns and responded to the specific needs of developing countries and CEITs; (b) The extent to which actions taken to enhance coordination and cooperation have helped to strengthen: (i) The implementation of the three Conventions at the national, regional and global levels; (ii) Promoted coherent policy guidance; (iii) Enhanced efficiency the provision of support to Parties with a view to reducing administrative burden and maximizing the effective and efficient use of resources at all levels; and (c) Whether enhanced coordination and cooperation among the three Conventions have contributed to the achievement of their ultimate common objectives: the protection of human health and the environment for the promotion of sustainable development.

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