Mid-Term Evaluation of the UN Environment Project: Global and Regional Integrated Environmental Assessments (“GEO-6”)

UN Environment Evaluation Office (2018-06)

This is an independent Mid-Term Evaluation of the Global Environmental Outlook pro-ject. The evaluation purposes were: (i) to provide evidence of results to meet accounta-bility requirements, and (ii) to promote operational improvement, learning and knowledge sharing through results and lessons learned among UN Environment, the GEO High Level Group, the GEO Scientific Advisory Panel, the GEO Assessment Methodologies, Data and Information Group, as well as the UN Environment Assembly and the project partners. The GEO -6 process is broad in scope and engages with a multiplicity of participants. The evaluation addresses some key strategic questions that focus on the credibility, le-gitimacy and salience of the GEO-processes and products. It examines communications and dissemination efforts and highlights issues to be addressed in the remaining imple-mentation period. The evaluation also identifies lessons of operational relevance for fu-ture project formulation and implementation.

Mid-Term Project Evaluations