Biodiversity Policy - Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6): Healthy Planet, Healthy People Chapter 13

United Nations Environment Programme (2019)

This chapter follows the twofold (top down and bottom up) policy effectiveness assessment framework outlined in Chapter 10. Key policies and governance approaches (top down): A set of policy clusters and five specific policy instruments pertaining to these clusters is elaborated. Five case studies are drawn as illustrative examples of these policy instruments (Table 13 1). The case studies are not intended to be representative in any form. They were selected to cover the three dimensions of biodiversity (ecosystems, species and genetics), a range of approaches within the typology, geographical spread of examples and varying degrees of success (see Section 10.6). Indicators (bottom up): The case studies are followed by a review of three policy-relevant indicators (see Section 10.7), which map the progress towards internationally agreed goals and targets, complementing the policy and governance approaches above.


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