Residue Utilization Management of Agricultural & Agro-industrial Residues: Seminar Papers & Documents - Volume 1

United Nations Environment Programme ; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (1977)

From the first session of the UNEP Governing Council, held in June 1973, the importance of environmental issues associated with industrial development was recognized and a programme of activities on environmental problems of specific industries was initiated by the Executive Director. One of the industries chosen for evaluation by the Governing Council was the agro-industrial sector. In view of the expertise already available through FA 0 and the desire to make maximum use of existing U.N. activities, the evaluations in relation to the agro-industrial sector were undertaken jointly with FAQ. The first of these evaluations was on the subject of residue utilization in agriculture and agro-industries, and a seminar on this subject was held in Rome in January 1977.

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