Enabling Policies and Action to Support Innovative Solutions - Global Chemicals Outlook II Part IV

United Nations Environment Programme (2019)

Relevant enabling policies and actions include education reform; support for technology innovation and financing; innovative business models; sustainable supply chain management; private sector metrics and reporting; fiscal incentives; and the empowerment of workers, consumers and citizens through information and participation rights. In exploring these topics, Part IV thus also draws attention to the contributions that can be made by a diverse range of actors, including entrepreneurs, academics, retailers, policymakers and citizens. Part IV includes: 1/ Envisioning and shaping the future of chemistry; 2/ Green and sustainable chemistry education: nurturing a new generation of chemists; 3/ Strengthening sustainable chemistry technology innovation and financing; 4/ Evolving and new business models; 5/ Fiscal incentives to advance sound chemicals management and sustainable chemistry; 6/ Sustainable supply chain management for chemicals and waste in the life cycle; 7/ Sustainability metrics and reporting: measuring progress, strengthening accountability; and 8/ Empowering and protecting citizens, workers and consumers.

Chapters and Articles