Food and Land Use System Transformation

Food and Land Use Coalition (2019)

Governments, including ministries of finance and planning, will work together on the transformation agenda for food, land and water systems by: Developing aspirational, long-term targets and pathways that set clear direction for the sustainable management of food, agriculture, biodiversity, land use, energy and water resources in alignment with sustainable development and climate goals. This should be integrated into countries’ Low Emission Development Strategy submissions under the UNFCCC, as well as informed by the CBD and UNCCD. Implementing policy, fiscal and regulatory reforms to create incentives to enable and accelerate the transition to resilient and sustainable food and land use, including fully valuing natural capital, repurposing agricultural subsidies and pricing carbon. Strengthening land use planning and governance to manage competition and trade-offs across different land uses, and deliver national economic, social, health and environmental goals which enhance long-term resilience of economies, communities and ecosystems. Promoting awareness of consumers, producers, retailers and investors to support behavioural change, encourage innovation and promote inclusive participation in the transition. The next steps, ahead of the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit, will include engaging interested parties in turning these principles into direct policy commitments that can be monitored.