Global Judges Symposium on Sustainable Development and the Role of Law Report Volume II

United Nations Environment Programme (2002)

The Global Symposium, whose proceedings are published in this Volume, sought to build upon the Regional Judges Symposia. It marks a new phase in UNEP's effort to promote the further development and effective implementation and enforcement of environmental law through the active support of the judiciary, functioning within its constitutionally mandated role in regard to the interpretation, enforcement and enhancement of law. This verbatim Report of the Symposium captures the richness of the discussions at the Symposium and the diversity and complexity of issues arising from judicial efforts to enforce the requirements of the various multilateral treaties in the field of sustainable development within their national jurisdictions. The Report is an important addition to the literature dealing with the promotion and further development of sustainable development. Its publication is a tribute to the Chief Justices and other senior judges and the resource persons who participated in the Symposium as well as partner organisations who collaborated with UNEP in organising and funding the Symposium.

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