IVes journées d'études sur les pollutions marines en Méditerranée / Workshop on pollution of the Mediterranean

United Nations Environment Programme ; International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea Monaco (1979)

On 24, 25 and 27 November 1978 a workshop was held in Antalya (Turkey) on marine pollution in the Mediterranean. Following the precedent of meetings which took place in Athens in 1972, in Monaco in 1974, and finally in Split in 1976, the Antalya meeting was jointly organized by the international Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea and the United Nations Environment Programme on the occasion of the XXVIth Congress-Plenary Assembly of 1.C.S.E.M. Their intention was to assemble the greatest possible number of scientists specialised in marine pollution in the Mediterranean, especially those working in the framework of the Mediterranean Pollution Monitoring and Research Programme (MED POL). The workshop covered a vast field of research which was approached from all aspects. Special attention was given to long-term monitoring problems in the marine environment however, legal questions were excluded as well as those concerning waste treatment and disposal technologies.

Meeting reports and proceedings