Determination of Faecal Coliforms in Sea Water by the Membrane Filtration (MF) Culture Method - Reference Methods For Marine Pollution Studies No.3 (Rev.1)

United Nations Environment Programme ; World Health Organization (1995)

The method is essentially based on already-existing recognized techniques, and also drawn on the experience of microbiologists in a number of Mediterranean laboratories. In the description, the style used by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is followed as closely as possible. While designed primarily with conditions prevailing within the Mediterranean Sea in mind, the method is also, to variable extents, suitable for other similar ecological regions. The present version of this method incorporates a number of amendments, based on reviews during expert consultation meetings organized by WHO, and on comments received from Mediterranean laboratories using the method within the framework of their national or local marine pollution monitoring programme. The method descr1bed is suitable for the determination of faecal coliforms in coastal bathing waters of temperate and tropical seas. It is designed to be used in sanitary surveillance of bathing beaches.

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