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Joint Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Committee and the Socio-Economic Committee

dc.language[English, French]
dc.titleJoint Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Committee and the Socio-Economic Committee
dc.typeAgendas Meeting documents and minutes of meetings
unepmap.admin.document-code(WG. 15/4)
unepmap.admin.original-document-numberUNEP(OCA)/MED WG.15/3
unepmap.meeting.bodyFocal Points - MED POL
unepmap.meeting.bodyFocal Points - REMPEC
unepmap.meeting.bodyFocal Points - BP-RAC
unepmap.meeting.bodyFocal Points - PAP-RAC
unepmap.meeting.categoryMED WG. May-1 June 1990 00:00:00 Mai-1 juin 1990 00:00:00
unepmap.meeting.document-codeUNEP(OCA)/MED WG.12 (WG.15/4)
unepmap.meeting.document-keywordsBCP/PROTOCOL OFFSHORE
unepmap.meeting.document-keywords-genProtocol Offshore Protocol
unepmap.meeting.document-languages[English, French]
unepmap.meeting.document-notes[English, French]
unepmap.meeting.documents-subjectMTG PROCEEDINGS - FINAL
unepmap.meeting.document-titleReport of the Meeting of the Working Group of experts on the Draft Protocol for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution resulting from exploration and exploitation of the continental shelf and the sea-bed and its subsoil (Athens, 7-11 Ma
unepmap.meeting.document-title-frRapport de la réunion du Groupe de travail d'experts sur le projet de Protocole relatif à la protection de la mer Méditerranée contre la pollution résultant de l'exploration et de l'exploitation du plateau continental, du fond de la mer et de son sous-sol
unepmap.meeting.document-typeALL Information documents
unepmap.meeting.location-enAthens (Greece)
unepmap.meeting.location-frAthènes (Grèce)
unepmap.meeting.numberUNEP(OCA)/MED WG.12
unepmap.meeting.organizerUNEP / MAP CU (MED POL)
unepmap.meeting.organizerMAP - RAC-REMPEC
unepmap.meeting.organizerMAP - RAC-BP
unepmap.meeting.organizerMAP - RAC-PAP
unepmap.meeting.statusPUBLIC MTG - REP OK EF
wd.title.frRéunion conjointe du Comité scientifique et technique et du Comité socio-économique

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