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Joint Meeting of the National Focal Points of BP/RAC, ERS/RAC and PAP/RAC

dc.language[English, French]
dc.titleJoint Meeting of the National Focal Points of BP/RAC, ERS/RAC and PAP/RAC
dc.typeAgendas Meeting documents and minutes of meetings
unepmap.admin.original-document-numberUNEP(DEC)/MED WG.186/7
unepmap.meeting.bodyFocal Points - BP-RAC
unepmap.meeting.bodyFocal Points - ERS-RAC
unepmap.meeting.bodyFocal Points - PAP-RAC
unepmap.meeting.categoryMED WG. June 2001 00:00:00 juin 2001 00:00:00
unepmap.meeting.document-codeUNEP(DEC)/MED WG.186/7
unepmap.meeting.document-keywordsBODY FP COMP
unepmap.meeting.document-keywords-genCOMP - BP-RAC
unepmap.meeting.document-keywords-genCOMP - ERS-RAC
unepmap.meeting.document-keywords-genCOMP - PAP-RAC
unepmap.meeting.document-notes[English, French]
unepmap.meeting.documents-subjectMTG PROCEEDINGS
unepmap.meeting.document-titleReport of the Joint Meeting of the National Focal Points of BP/RAC, ERS/RAC and PAP/RAC, including proposed recommendations and programme of activities for the period 2002-2003
unepmap.meeting.document-title-frRapport de la réunion conjointe des points focaux nationaux du CAR/BP, du CAR/TDE et du CAR/PAP, y compris la proposition de recommandations et de programme d'activités pour la période biennale 2002-2003
unepmap.meeting.document-typeALL MAP MEETING DOCUMENTS
unepmap.meeting.document-typeALL Outcome documents
unepmap.meeting.document-typeOutcome documents - Meeting reports
unepmap.meeting.location-enPalermo, Sicily (Italy)
unepmap.meeting.location-frPalerme, Sicile (Italie)
unepmap.meeting.numberUNEP(DEC)/MED WG.186
unepmap.meeting.organizerMAP RAC - BP
unepmap.meeting.organizerMAP RAC - ERS
unepmap.meeting.organizerMAP RAC - PAP
unepmap.meeting.statusPUBLIC MEETING
wd.title.frRéunion conjointe des Points focaux nationaux du CAR/PB, du CAR/TDE et du CAR/PAP

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