OzoNews Volume XX - 15 May 2020

United Nations Environment Programme (2020)

In this issue: -- UNEP’s Statement on the COVID-19 global pandemic – 1. Ozone for life: 35 years of ozone layer protection 2. Lower-GWP Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Innovation Award 3. RAC Technician Videos - Full length films! 4. The new updated OzonAction GWP-ODP Calculator Application 5. UNEP OzonAction Encourages Everyone to Celebrate World Refrigeration Day 2020 6. The IIR publishes a new Informatory Note on the Role of Refrigeration in Worldwide Nutrition 7. Arctic ozone depletion reached record level 8. Ozone layer deal may have led to new contaminant problem, researchers say 9. Timor-Leste's "Ozone Week" Engages Public on Montreal Protocol 10. First Montreal Protocol-related Online Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic 11. La Enmienda de Kigali en la era del coronavirus 12. NASRC Aggregated Incentives Program (AIP) 13. Bipartisan HFC bill gets socially-distanced Senate hearing 14. Staying Cool, While Saving the World (and Money)- Winners of the 2020 SAE* Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award 15. Illegal trade round-up May 2020 16.Un investigado en Mota del Cuervo por estafar 70.000 euros en la compra de gases fluorados