Submission on Global Response Options for AHEG 4

UNEP (2020-06)

The UNEA-process and discussions in the expert group so far have proven that there is broad agreement that "status quo" is not a sustainable option and that there is a need for stronger responses to the marine litter and microplastics challenge. UNEA-3 stressed in its resolution 3/7 the importance of long-term elimination of all discharge of litter and microplastics into the oceans. There is broad recognition of the need to take action throughout the life cycle of plastics to achieve this vision. Currently, there are no international agreements covering upstream and midstream measures. While some measures downstream are covered by existing agreements, there is still no international framework that in a systematic and holistic way addresses all aspects of this complex problem with the aim to fulfil this global vision. A significant change in the way we use and dispose of plastic products needs to take place.


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