Bridging the Gap – The Role of International Shipping and Aviation - Emissions Gap Report 2020 Chapter 5

Faber, Jasper ; Lee, David S. ; Becken, Susanne ; Corbett, James J. ; Cumpsty, Nick ; Fleming, Gregg ; Longva, Tore ; Lund, Marianne Tronstad ; Smith, Tristan (2020)

This chapter presents current and projected emissions to assess how much the international transport sectors are contributing to the emissions gap (section 6.2). Section 6.3 analyses the technical, operational and fuel options available to decarbonize shipping and aviation. Section 6.4 contrasts the projected emissions with global emissions pathways required to meet the Paris Agreement temperature goals in order to assess when, and to what extent, the decarbonization options should be implemented, while also evaluating the current policy goals in the context of the Paris Agreement. Section 6.5 concludes the findings.

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