Evaluation of the UNEP Sub-programme on Environmental Law, Institutions and Policies

UN Environment Evaluation Office (1994)

This desk evaluation is carried out in response to Central Evaluation Unit's objective for a review of the performance of UNEP's Subprogramme Environmental Law, Institutions and Policies by primarily reviewing the operation of ELI/PAC for the medium term period 1992-97. It is also the intention of this evaluation to provide information which may help further improve the future performance of ELI/PAC. UNEP's Project Design and Evaluation Unit conducted this evaluation in accordance with the Project Evaluation Methodology in the UNEP Manual on Project Design and Approval of Projects. The evaluation process involves reviewing projects and activities undertaken by ELI/PAC between 1992-1993 against Agenda 21, the UNEP Medium Term Plan (MTP) for 1992-97 and the SWMTEP for 1990-95; gathering primary data through interviews with key informants; and review of secondary data from project documents and reports.

Subprogramme Evaluations