Terminal Evaluation of the UNEP Project: Environmental Rule of Law: Advancing Justice, Governance, and Law for Sustainability

UNEP Evaluation Office (2020-12)

This report is an evaluation of a UNEP project titled “Environmental Rule of Law: Advancing Justice, Governance, and Law for Sustainability.” The project was designed for a 3.5-year period, which started in July 2014 and was due for completion by December 2017 for a total of 42 months. The project closed December 2017. The primary aim of the project was to strengthen the capacity of countries to develop and implement the Environmental Rule of Law (EROL), allowing nations to achieve internationally agreed environmental objectives and goals. Furthermore, the project sought to foster a coherent and coordinated assistance on the issue of EROL within the UN system to advance the contribution of justice, governance, and law to environmental sustainability. The project was a joint effort between UNEP, INTOSAI, INECE, ELI, World Bank, Nairobi University, Michigan University, Rule of Law Unit SG’s Office, UCL, EUFJE, OAS, Georgetown University Law School, several national governments, GLOBE, IAJ, and the UN System Training Institute. The evaluation has three primary purposes: (i) Provide evidence of results to meet accountability requirements. (ii) Promote learning, feedback, and knowledge sharing through results and lessons learned among UNEP, governments, and international and national executing agencies. (iii) Highlight to past, present, and future project managers, beneficiaries, and external stakeholders the strengths and shortcomings of the project to promote transparency and focus for upcoming projects.

Terminal Project Evaluations