ACP MEAs 3 Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 March 2021 - A Quarterly Newsletter of the ACP MEAs Programme Funded by the European Union and Managed by UNEP

United Nations Environment Programme (2021)

During the period January – March 2021, the ACPMEAs 3 programme started to re-invent itself by not just delivering a set of activities in the three regions but by making the programme relevant for larger issues confronting the regions on environmental governance. We re-launched our twitter handle with some significant reach, started providing all partners and others a set of strategic and upcoming information on issues of relevance through a monthly Digest, shared an operational plan for gender mainstreaming in all activities being planned, supported stakeholders through a series of briefing sessions on key multilateral, global issues, engaged with all partners in soliciting effective and impactful actions that go beyond token reports and enhancing cross-regional collaborations. Of course, these are mere starting points.

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