Providing Options for the Future of the Global Environment Outlook: Interim Report of the Steering Committee on the Future of the Global Environment Outlook

United Nations Environment Programme (2021)

In paragraph 6 of its resolution 4/23, the United Nations Environment Assembly of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) requested the Executive Director of UNEP to prioritize in the programme of work and budget the preparation of an options document on the future of the Global Environment Outlook, in broad consultation with Member States, stakeholders and the custodians of other global environmental assessment processes, focusing on the scope and objectives of the Global Environment Outlook. The options and approaches for a future GEO address three key areas of assessment design. First, objectives and functions are proposed. Second, options regarding scope, utility and timing are presented (options and approaches 1 to 4). While these options and approaches differ, they are not mutually exclusive and give the flexibility to combine design elements from different options and approaches in any future scoping process. Third, options and approaches regarding process, governance and implementation are presented, which enable their delivery. The process, governance and implementation options and approaches presented below contain some common design elements essential to ensure the credibility, legitimacy and relevance of a future GEO. All options and approaches allow for the delivery of an assessment report and other products to the Environment Assembly to inform its decisions on the environment.

Global environment outlook (GEO)

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