Terminal Evaluation of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) project: Macaya Grand Sud Phase I (PIMS ID 01870)

UNEP Evaluation Office (2021-10)

This report is a Terminal Evaluation (TE) of a UNEP project implemented between 2015 and 2018. The project “Macaya Grand Sud” Phase I (MGS1) was part of the third phase of implementation of UNEP’s Haiti Grand Sud (HGS) Strategy, which is structured around five main areas: biodiversity and protected areas; green economy and value chains; natural protection and risk reduction; sustainable energy and renewable energy; and, regional planning and decentralisation. The project's overall development goal was to support the Government of Haiti in promoting the use of ecosystem management approaches in the Southern region of the country (Départements du Sud, Grande Anse and Nippes) and to maintain ecosystem services and sustainable productivity of terrestrial and aquatic systems while improving the livelihoods of local communities. The evaluation sought to assess project performance (in terms of relevance, effectiveness and efficiency), and determine outcomes and impacts (actual and potential) stemming from the project, including their sustainability.

Terminal Project Evaluations