Key messages LD2 Informal Working Group meeting

United Nations Environment Programme (16/05/2022)

Several interventions stressed that the way in which we use resources needs to be reconsidered. Based on the work of the International Resource Panel, we know that our extraction of resources is responsible for more than 45% of the climate emissions and 90% of biodiversity loss. Our footprint on the planet is continuously increasing; we have crossed 4 planetary boundaries. Still 3-4 billion people live in poverty. Our environmental footprint is therefore highly uneven. • To address this, we need to transform the way in which we produce and consume. The need of this transformation pre-existed the Covid-19 pandemic. A comprehensive and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic should be based on innovative, clean energy and circular economy principles. Such transformation is particularly relevant for emerging economies where high impact sectors are expected to experience significant growth, which should bring jobs and sustainability.