Terminal Evaluation of the UNEP/EC Project "Resource Efficiency through Application of Lifecycle thinking (REAL)" - PIMS 1991

UNEP Evaluation Office (2022-06)

This report is a Terminal Evaluation of the EC-funded, UNEP project “Resource Efficiency through Application of Lifecycle thinking (REAL)" PIMS 1991 implemented during 2016-2020.The project's overall development goal was to integrate resource efficiency in global value chains by using life cycle data on environmental impacts, which was expected to enable private and public actors to make informed choices, fostering an increase in sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns. The evaluation sought to assess the project’s design, performance (in terms of relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency), and its outcomes (actual and potential), including sustainability. The evaluation has two key purposes, to: (i) provide evidence of results to meet accountability requirements; (ii) promote learning, feedback, and knowledge sharing regarding project results and lessons learned for UNEP and its Life Cycle Initiative (LCI), the European Commission (EC) as its core donor, and those engaged in various aspects of the project’s implementation.

Terminal Project Evaluations