UNEP Evaluation Policy (revised October 2022)

UNEP Evaluation Office (2022-10)

This document presents UNEP’s revised evaluation policy superseding all previous evaluation policies. The policy reaffirms UNEP’s commitment to the value of evaluation in its performance management, accountability and learning systems, complying with United Nations evaluation principles, norms and standards and international good practices in evaluation. The revised policy informs UNEP staff and stakeholders of the evaluation function’s purpose; its conceptual and normative framework; and the roles, accountabilities and standards for evaluation across UNEP, including coverage, use and human and financial resource requirements. It supports UNEP’s mandate and strategic priorities, in alignment with the principles and aims of the United Nations. The Evaluation Policy will be accompanied by an Evaluation Operational Strategy and an Evaluation Manual. Together with the policy, the Evaluation Operational Strategy and the Evaluation Manual will specify detailed provisions and requirements pertaining to the implementation of the evaluation policy.

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