Evaluation Manual

UNEP Evaluation Office (2023-03)

The evaluation manual provides a succinct overview of guidelines, rules, requirements and processes in accordance with UNEP’s updated 2022 Evaluation Policy. Added feature is plenty of useful guidelines and templates available at your fingertips. Recommended for use by all UNEP staff especially staff involved in the design of projects and Project/ Task Managers and Portfolio Managers/ Branch and Unit Heads as well as Evaluation Consultants, partners and stakeholders.

Other Evaluation Reports/Documents

This manual is intended for use by all UNEP staff involved in the delivery of the Programme of Work. It especially targets staff designing projects, Project/Task Managers (referred to hereinafter as Project Managers), and Portfolio Managers/Branch and Unit Heads. It also provides guidance to Evaluation Office staff and evaluation consultants and serves to inform external partners and stakeholders (e.g. auditors, funding partners etc). The manual serves to articulate guidelines, rules, requirements and processes for operationalising UNEP’s Evaluation Policy, 2022. This Evaluation Manual supercedes all previous versions. The Evaluation Manual is complemented by a suite of interactive guidance material that provides detailed information on selected topics. This material is available in the form of guidance notes, templates and tools.