Terminal Evaluation of the UNEP/GEF Project “Integrating Traditional Crop Genetic Diversity into Technology: Using a Biodiversity Portfolio Approach to Buffer against Unpredictable Environmental Change in the Nepal Himalayas” (GEF ID 4464) (2014-2020)

Evaluation Office of UNEP (2023-02)

This report is a Terminal/ Evaluation of the UNEP/GEF 4464 project implemented between 2014 and 2019. The project's overall development goal was to contribute to the conservation of globally important crop biodiversity, which forms the basis for food security in areas of high environmental instability and variability in many high-elevation agricultural systems throughout the world. The evaluation sought to assess project performance (in terms of relevance, effectiveness and efficiency), and determine outcomes and impacts (actual and potential) stemming from the project, including their sustainability. The evaluation has two primary purposes: (i) to provide evidence of results to meet accountability requirements, and (ii) to promote learning, feedback, and knowledge sharing through results and lessons learned among UNEP, and the relevant agencies of the project participating countries.

Terminal Project Evaluations