Terminal Evaluation of the Project: “Spain-UNEP Partnership for LifeWeb Initiative” (SFL 2C17 / 2C74 / 2F49)

Evaluation Office of UNEP (2016-05)

“Spain-UNEP Partnership for LifeWeb Initiative”, hereafter “the Partnership” brought together the Government of Spain and UNEP in an effort to strengthen terrestrial and marine nature conservation with a focus on protected areas.This ex-post Terminal Evaluation (TE) is the first comprehensive attempt to evaluate the Partnership at the programmatic level. The TE was undertaken upon completion of the Partnership to assess performance and to determine outcomes and impacts, including their sustainability. Its primary purposes are (i) to provide evidence of results to meet accountability requirements, and (ii) to promote learning, feedback, and knowledge sharing through results and lessons learned among UNEP and partners, including in possible follow-up projects.

Terminal Project Evaluations