Invitation Letter for GEO-7 Peer Reviewers

United Nations Environment Programme (2023-11-03)

GEO-7 will require a broad range of reviewer expertise, ranging from natural sciences to policy, economics, and social sciences, as well as expertise in outlooks and scenarios, for this ambitious endeavor. Annex I provides a detailed list of these areas of expertise, based on the adopted annotated outline for GEO-7. Experts are invited to apply for a Peer Reviewer role for GEO-7 through the link Reviewer application portal. Reviewers should be available to participate in the GEO-7 peer review periods, currently planned for February-March 2024 and October-November 2024. The terms of reference, ethical responsibilities and management of review comments for this role is included in Annexes II, III and IV. The proposed GEO-7 calendar and timeline can be consulted here. Applications should be submitted no later than 22 December 2023, through the link above. Our colleague, Mr. Pierre Boileau (, Head, Global Assessments Unit, Science Division, will serve as the focal point and stands ready to provide further information as needed.

Correspondence and Notifications