Guidebook for implementation of codes of good practice: phasing out ODS in developing countries, refrigeration sector

United Nations Environment Programme (1998)

This publication was developed to help developing countries phasing out the use of ozone-depleting substances. It provides guidance to the National Ozone Unit and industry on how to design and implement codes of good practice for the refrigeration-services sector and explains the roles of the relevant stakeholders. Good servicing practices prevent unnecessary refrigeration emission through proper design, installation, operation, decommissioning and disposal of refrigeration systems as well as the application of recovery & recycling, retrofitting, safe handling, transport and storage of refrigerants. Codes of good practice are an important part of the regulatory framework and support all other phase out efforts for ozone-depleting refrigerants within a country's Refrigerant Management Plan. Codes of good practice may be mandatory or voluntary and require training and certification of the refrigeration technicians.

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