Ozzy ozone Defender of Our Planet - Issue No. 4: Ozzy Goes Island Hopping

United Nations Environment Programme (2008)

In this story Ozzy and Zoe Ozone travel from the stratosphere to visit their friends Alida, the leatherback turtle

Guno, the sand crab and Ronaldo, the red snapper in Suriname to learn about the effects of climate change in small islands and low-lying coastal states. They also journey to Fiji to meet Tau, the crested iguana to learn about the importance of phasing out HCFCs, which are gases used to replace ozone depleting substances but themselves can contribute significantly to climate change. At the end of their travels they meet Frank the Frog and Maakanaa, the Grey Heron in the Maldives to learn some simple actions that young people can take in their daily lives to help protect the ozone layer and diminish the impacts of climate change.