Blue harvest: inland fisheries as an ecosystem service

United Nations Environment Programme (2010)

This report focuses on the importance of inland fisheries as an ecosystem service that significantly contributes to food production and livelihoods in many parts of the world but at the same time depends upon a sustained supply of freshwater of appropriate quality and sustainable ecosystems functioning. The assessment looks at the pressures and the drivers of ecosystems degradation that affect inland fisheries, and reviews opportunities on how to manage inland fisheries sustainably through ecosystem management approaches. Case studies in the report give examples of the status, pressures and how inland fisheries have developed and dealt with in different parts of the world. The publication aims at raising awareness about the importance of inland fisheries as they provide multiple benefits to humans but have been found to be in decline and about the relevance of developing capacities to improve the management of the environment required to protect and sustain this ecosystem service in the long term.

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