Global chemicals outlook: towards sound management of chemicals

United Nations Environment Programme (2013)

The publication provides a wealth of technical and scientific information covering inter alia substances that can have adverse impacts on the environment and human health, that are of global and/or national and /or local concern, substances that are produced or used in high volume and/or widely dispersed, used and disposed of (i.e. organic, inorganic, halogenated compounds, metals and waste). It synthesizes and documents the well established environmental and health effects. It reviews knowledge and evidence available in quantifying and, when possible, monetizing the cost of inaction and benefit of action. It includes for the first time a special contribution from the financial and insurance sector analysis, highlighting its perspective in managing the risks to a chemical intensification of the economies. It also reviews many of the approaches, instruments and tools use by governments, industry, NGOs and international organizations to manage chemicals soundly.

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