Tessa and the Fishy Mystery

United Nations Environment Programme (2004)

Tessa loved living near the seashore. Each day after school she'd run down to the sparkling white beach, eager to play with her sea friends. Dolphin let her ride his smooth back. They splashed and plunged, exploring castles of coral while visiting Parrot fish, Clownfish, Seahorse and Skate... 'Tessa and the Fishy Mystery' is part of the Tunza Environmental Series for Children, sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). \"Tunza\" means \" to treat with care of affection\" in Kiswahili. UNEP hopes to inspire caring for the Earth through creative literature that sparks the interest and awareness of children, their parents and teachers. See also 'Theo and the Giant Plastic Ball' , 'Tina and the Green City', 'Tore and the Town on Thin Ice' and 'Trishna and the Dream of Water'.

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