Needs Assessment Guidance to develop National Plans for Domestic Wastewater Pollution Reduction

United Nations Environment Programme (2003)

The role and responsibility of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is to coordinate cooperation among all countries in the region, strengthen national and subregional institutions, coordinate international assistance, and stimulate technical cooperation among countries. In its role and responsibility towards assisting the countries of the WCR to fulfill the requirements of the of the LBS Protocol, the Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU) of UNEP Caribbean Environment Program (UNEP CEP) contracted Tetra Tech EM Inc. to develop this Needs Assessment Guidance document. The goal in developing this Needs Assessment Guidance is that it will serve as a tool for regional governments, as they proceed to fulfill the domestic wastewater requirements of Annex III of the LBS Protocol (Annex III). The Needs Assessment Guidance provides guidance in the development of programmes, plans, and measures to evaluate sewage management needs and lists of options to resolve wastewater discharge impacts. In following this guidance, governments will have the an overview of the how to begin planning to implement the general and specific requirements of Annex III.

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