Seychelles - National Report for Third International Conference

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs ; the United Nations Development Programmeme (United Nations Development Programmeme) (2013)

The Seychelles has once more denoted strong political commitment to sustainable development through the cabinet endorsement of its Sustainable Development Strategy 2011-2020. The SSDS 2020 revises and builds upon a successive generation of highly successful Environment Management Plans of Seychelles (EMPS). The SSDS 2020 includes a greater input of other sectors and further alignment of the strategy with international conventions. It also provides stronger institutional framework with firmer mechanism for monitoring and evaluation. Generally, the Seychelles continues to attain a high level of implementation of the BPOA and MSI despite serious economic difficulties in the intervening years. Progress has been made across all thematic and notable high implementations were in areas with good access to funding or technical expertise. Progress in other sectors e.g. freshwater, was hampered by limited investments and exogenous factors such as climate change.

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