Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis of Land-based Sources and Activities in the Western Indian Ocean Region.

United Nations Environment Programme ; Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (2009)

This document presents the results of a series of investigations and expert analyses relating to land-based sources of pollution and other activities that cause the degradation of the coastal and marine environment in the West Indian Ocean (WIO). More specifically, it identifies those elements that may induce impacts beyond national boundaries or that are problems common to several countries of the region. Collectively, this represents a Transboundary Analysis (TDA)

a decision support tool intended to inform countries in the WIO region with regard to priority issues and problems to be addressed within the context of immediate and long-term sustainable management of the WIO coastal and marine ecosystems. In this regard, the TDA forms the basis for the development of a comprehensive Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for addressing landbased sources and activities.

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