Digest of Environment Statistics 2012 - Mauritius

Mauritius, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (2012)

This is the eleventh issue of the Digest of Environment Statistics prepared by Statistics Mauritius. It presents in a single report detailed available data concerning the environment. Many of the statistics presented have been gathered from various institutions and thus some of the data may already be available in other publications. The digest covers a wide range of environmental topics in a readily accessible form to provide a handy reference. The data provided in this publication and covering the period 2003 to 2012, wherever possible, are the latest available. These may be subject to revision in later issues. All data, unless otherwise stated, refer to the Island of Mauritius. It is hoped that these statistics will prove useful to the public in general, particularly to planners, decision makers and researchers. The digest has been prepared with the collaboration of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and several other organisations. The co-operation and assistance of all these organisations are gratefully acknowledged.

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