Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin - Korea’s Policies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Daily Life

Republic of Korea, Ministry of Environment (2010)

One of the representative environmental problems these days is climate change. The reduction of the greenhouse gases from the industrial sector is important, however, the non-industrial sectors, such as homes, businesses, and transportation are also important. Understanding this necessity, the Korean government has been staging a movement to reduce greenhouse gases, through the Green Start campaign. The Green Start is driving the implementation of greenhouse gas reduction by the cooperative governance between the government, commerce, and civilian organizations. In 2009, the Korean government reaffirmed their strong will to expand the green life practice, by setting a five-year plan for green growth, in which they emphasized the Green Revolution of Life . Green life movement in Korea is implemented through the Green Start Movement, promoting green consumption, the Green Transportation Movement, reducing food waste, and making green homes. In order to motivate people to actively participate in the movement, incentives such as the carbon points systems are provided. The government plans to train leaders, construct a cyber center, and legislate necessary laws for green life and organize systems and institutions to support the movement.