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Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin - The Second Framework Plan for Hazardous Chemicals Management(2006~2010)

dc.contributor.authorRepublic of Korea, Ministry of Environment
dc.coverage.spatialRepublic of Korea
dc.descriptionIn accordance with Article 6 of the Toxic Chemicals Control Act Ministry of Environment established in 2001 a Framework Plan for Hazardous Chemicals Control which was drawn up to be updated every five years. The Framework Plan for Hazardous Chemicals Control intended to create a management plan that deals with toxic chemicals sets up policy directions and collaborates with the government private sector and the general public. The second Framework Plan (2006-2010) intends to focus on integrating the existing medium-specific management of air water and soil with chemicals management and effective collaboration between related governmental entities. In addition the second Framework Plan as a national plan for general chemicals management.
dc.publisherMinistry of Environment - Korea Environment Institute - Republic of Korea
dc.subjectchemical in the environment
dc.subjectchemical analysis
dc.subjectchemical composition
dc.subjectchemical contamination
dc.subjectchemical corrosivity
dc.subjectchemical decontamination
dc.subjectchemical degradation
dc.subjectchemical element
dc.subjectchemical industry
dc.subjectchemical installation
dc.subjectchemical measurement of pollution
dc.subjectchemical oxygen demand
dc.subjectchemical policy
dc.subjectchemical plant
dc.subjectchemical pollution
dc.subjectchemical pollutant
dc.subjectchemical process
dc.subjectchemical product
dc.subjectchemical reduction
dc.subjectchemical waste
dc.subjectchemical treatment
dc.subject.classificationHarmful Substances
dc.subject.classificationResource Efficency
dc.titleKorea Environmental Policy Bulletin - The Second Framework Plan for Hazardous Chemicals Management(2006~2010)
wd.identifier.sdgSDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being

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