Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin - Water Environment Management Master Plan Outline (2006~2015) - Clean Water, Eco River 2015

Republic of Korea, Ministry of Environment (2006)

The Water Environment Management Master Plan proposed by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) presents the government s policy directions for the next 10 years (2006~2015). It aims to promote ecologically healthy water environment to ensure high quality water which breaks away from a policy that has been geared almost solely toward existing point sources of conventional pollutants deteriorating water quality, including BOD. The plan presents programs that encompass the management of water quality in small streams, estuaries and coast, in addition to the upper areas of water supply sources and mainstream of rivers that have been accorded greater priority to date. It also enables the systematic management by changing the management unit from 194 rivers and streams into 4 major river basins, 117 mid-level basins, and 840 unit basins. This master plan will serve as guidelines for the execution of water quality preservation plans which must be integrated and implemented by the regional environmental offices, cities, gun s and gu s nationwide.

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