Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin - Metal Waste Recycling Plans

Republic of Korea, Ministry of Environment (2011)

It is expected that the amount of metal waste generation would be increased over time. Although precious metals and other nonferrous metals retrievable in metal wastes have huge economic value, such precious metals have not been fully recovered or reused appropriately for several reasons such as the designation of few items subject to mandatory recovery and recycling, low level of recovery compared to developed countries, and inadequate technology for recycling. In Korea, metal wastes worth KRW 4.03 trillion are generated every year

the value of metal waste retained countrywide is estimated at approximately KRW 46.4 trillion, and the total economic value would be even higher if all of rare and precious metals discarded amid the continually increasing prices of raw materials and technological advancement are recovered and taken into account. Currently, a total of 10 items such as TV are subject to mandatory recycling under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system in the category of electric and electronic products discarded at the end of their useful life.