Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin - Allbaro (Online Waste Disposal Verification System)

Republic of Korea, Ministry of Environment (2008)

In 1999, the Korean Ministry of Environment (MOE) introduced a waste disposal verification system to prevent illegal waste disposal. When the system was first introduced, paper vouchers were used. The system allowed establishing the basis of pursuing legal action against illegal waste management businesses by tracking the disposal process and methods using paper vouchers. However, there were many problems shown in the process. It was inconvenient for waste generators, transporters, and disposers to process them at the site and ended up being overly time consuming because the vouchers were written by hand and mailed. In addition, there were limitations for administrative bodies to prevent illegal treatment, since they were not able to track them during the entire process, and it was also difficult to confirm the 26 million vouchers issued every year. In response to the above mentioned problems, MOE began devising new techniques and systems to solve the problems and keep track of the waste disposal process in real time. As a result, Allbaro, an online waste disposal verification system was developed.