Programme to Support the REDD+ Process: Republic of Congo

Ministry of Sustainable Development, Forest Economy and Environment, Republic of the Congo (2012)

The R-PP for the Republic of the Congo is configured around six components, as called for by the FCPF / UN-REDD Common Approach, which has been slightly modified since, and which is used in the present document (section C). This includes four intervention components followed by two components for planning and monitoring implementation, i.e.: (i) organization of the REDD+ preparation process and stakeholder consultation

(ii) preparation of the national REDD+ strategy, which will be the concrete achievement of the preparation phase

(iii) development of a Reference Emissions Level or Reference Level

(iv) design of a national system for monitoring forests and information on safeguards

(v) schedule and budget

and (vi) framework for monitoring and assessment of the preparation phase.

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